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AsiaFm102 chat Room, or Chat Room is primarily used to describe from of Synchronous conferencing, occasionally econ asynchronous conferencing. The terms can thus mean any technology ranging from real time online chat and online interaction with strangers (E.g online forums) to fully immersive graphical social environments.

The Primary use of a chat room is to share information VIA text with a group of other users generally speaking the ability to converse with multiple in the same conversation differentiates chat rooms from instant messaging, which are more typically designed for one to one communication. The users in a particular chat room are generally connected visa shared interest pr other smiliar connection, and chat room exist catering for a wide range of subject. new technology has enabled the use of the file sharing and webcam to be included in the same programs. This would be considered a chat room.

The first time chat system called AsiFM102.com. Created by Paki4life in 2016 on the plato system at the house. it ffers several channels, each of which could accomodate.

Welcome To AsiaFM102 This is live chat room all over the world, you can listen to live music on our radio station there are Indian songs, Pakistani Songs, Pashto Songs, and also admins will play songs on your own demands, you can find and make your own friends also you can find girls and boys from every where we are giving you chance to enjoy chat room without any resgistration.

The Best Chat Room free Indian Chat Room, friendship and Indian Entertainment portal. All Indian chat rooms aims to provides a chat room forum for Indian through every part of India and abroad to chat, share ideas and make new friendship through online India Chat Room. We have free chat Room Like Bollywood Chat Room, Mumbai Chat Room, Delhi Chat Room, Chandigarh Chat Room, Gujarat Chat Room, Punjab Chat Room, Bangladesh Chat Room, Bangalore Chat Room, Tamil Chat Room, Goa Chat Room, Calcutta Chat Room, and more Join AsiaFM102.com

We have more then 100 of rooms available in AsiaFM102.com also we have city based chat like, Swat Chat Room, Mardan Chat Room, Peshawar Chat Room, Rawalpindi Chat Room, Islamabad Chat Room, Lahore Chat Room, Faisalabad Chat Room, Gujranwala Chat Room, Multan Chat Room, Karachi Chat Room, Sindh Chat Room, so you guys can enjoy our live chat room in every city of Pakistan, This is our first experience to give you a free platform without any registration.

Our chat room is totally free without any registration, there is no any option for login or signup just enter you nick name and enjoy AsiaFM102 chat Room, AsiaFM102 chat Room is always full of people make friends and enjoy there are active users invite them to provide chat room when you message to some one you dont need to wait you will ger reply straight away, this is a big benefits of our chat room, because in many chat rooms when you go and send message to some one you will not get proper reply. and many chat rooms there PM lock button but we not allowing you that button becasue we want every one to make friends from different countries and different cities and people are coming to web chat it means they are looking for friends and they need some one to talk to.

 The most important thing is privacy you privacy is more important for us. do not share any of your personal information like ID card information, passport information, do not give your personal contact number to any one if they become your friend and you want share your number then its okay but normally do not share your personal information specially on main chat room don’t give any thing.

Your Support with us. our admins are available here in AsiaFM102 24/7 if any one using bad words or annoying please contact with Admin available in the mention user list.

Our Chat Room Rules are as mentioned Below:-

  • Do not Use Bad Words in Front of Any Girls:-
  • Do not abuse any one in Main chat Room:-
  • Respect each other:-
  • Linking are strictly prohibited in AsiaFM102:-
  • Respect our Rules + Chat Room and We will respect you :-
  •  If you Didn’t follow the above mention rules you will be ban in AsiaFm102 forever and then enjoy 🙂

Here you will find Boys and Girls online make direct comnication with them invite them to private chat room make them friends and enjoy . Our users are online 24/7 you will always entertain your self in AsiafFM102.com there are RJ and DJ Shows As well so you will feel more happy when one of our RJ become on air. you can demand to our admin to play your favorite song / music for you enjoy our chat room more. We are giving chance to every body to become Admin those who are interested to become admin in AsiaFM102 they can contact with AsiaFM102 team and we will come back to soon after our discussion,

we are giving chance to every one to become Rj and DJ so if any one interested to become RJ and DJ they can contact with one of our admin in the users list just inform them give your skype account and we will come back to you on skype. or you can direct send us email at [email protected] or [email protected]. asiafm102 giving chance to every body to come admin, RJ & DJ so enjoy live radio and asiafm102 chat room without any registration.

Now a days people are looking for online chat room because it no need any installation requirement just go to your broswer and enter chat room easy way t enjoy and entertain you self. because now a days people don’t want to install any application for chat rooms some people having slow computer so because of that people can not install application. web chat are very famous now a days on internet.

People are looking for some one share their feelings and love, so find your good friends and share your feelings with them because web chat room is the only way you can find friends and you can share your feelings with them, asiafm102.com is totally free and without any registration so it is very quick access just go to to www.asiafm102.com.


The Below Mention List is AsiaFM102 Admins:-